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Enviroguide - Mandate

Enviroguide Consulting is acutely aware that the provision of professional services to our clients brings with it the responsibility to deliver those services in a way which is honest, impartial, objective and accurate.

It is our responsibility to provide advice and guidance only in subject areas for which we are adequately qualified, competent and experienced to do so. As part of our Quality Management system, all customer requirements are assessed prior to agreement to provide any services in order to ensure that the services provided can be delivered to the highest possible standards.

Much of Enviroguide Consulting’s work has involved enforcement support to the public sector and the provision of internal audit services to private sector clients. In such circumstances inspectors have been provided to carry out compliance assessments against various standards and/or legislation. In this regard, it is essential that each inspector maintains the highest levels of impartiality, objectivity, courtesy, confidentiality and professionalism. In addition, each inspector must possess and exhibit a thorough and detailed knowledge of the standard or piece of legislation with which he/she is determining compliance. 

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