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Enviroguide - INSPECTIONS - Vehicle Refinishers

The European Union (Paints, Varnishes, Vehicle Refinishing Products and Activities) Regulations 2012, S.I. No. 564 of 2012 came into effect in January, 2013.

Amongst other items, operators of vehicle refinishing installations are required to carry out activities using organic solvent containing products in a manner which controls and minimises emissions, use only compliant products (products which comply with the content limit for volatile organic compounds), get an inspection carried out by an approved assessor and obtain a certificate of compliance from their relevant Local Authority.

You should familiarise yourself with the following information which sets out in detail your obligations under the Regulations:

European Union (Paints, Varnishes, Vehicle Refinishing Products and Activities) Regulations 2012, S.I. No. 564 of 2012http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/2012/en/si/0564.html

EPA Best Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Refinishers, 2013

If you would like to book an inspection, please contact us.

When you request an inspection, we will provide you with our AA Inspection Application Form which you will be required to complete and return to us along with the agreed inspection fee which may be paid by cheque, bank draft, postal order or by electronic funds transfer (bank to bank online transfer).

We will then provide you with your Vehicle Refinisher Operator’s Manual which will contain information on the following:

  • what you should expect from an AA inspection
  • what the inspector will look at during the inspection 
  • what records should be made available on the day of the inspection
  • types of records and information you should be compiling in advance of the inspection in order to be compliant with the requirements of the Regulations
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Information  and references to EPA guidance

Link to 2012 Solvent Regulations

Link to EPA’s Best Practice Guidelines

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